If you are feeling really civilised we are offering New Year’s Eve Gourmet Dinner, Bed and Brunch at The Pilgrims – for just £200 for two, not including drinks.  Have a peek at the menu on the RESTAURANT page!



This Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights we will cook you Dinner and Breakfast for £100 for two - the Bed's FREE! (18, 19 & 20 December).

Call Sally or Jools on 01963 240597 or 0800 999 5 666 as soon as you like!  


OR - if you would rather just book a room, check out our online January Sale prices with our Book a Room button above 


Please CALL US on 01963 240597 to book your break, or a table, for latest menus, or to make it really special - chocolates or champagne in your room when you arrive. Or Freephone us on 0800 999 5 666


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